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Free Shipping Protection for Merchants

Increase cart conversion and decrease your shipping losses

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70% of visitors abandon their cart due to lack of trust. Our 3rd party assurance offers peace of mind to your customer during checkout, increasing cart conversion by over 8%, resulting in dramatic increases in sales.


We take care of your customers lost, damaged, or stolen items in a seamless one-click claims process. When a claim is filed, we refund or reorder the item in 24 hours, giving you an extra sale instead of a loss.


Route is designed to create a more premium shopping experience for your customers after checkout. We believe that demystifying shipping insurance into a one-click process is a powerful way to increase LTV and brand loyalty to your store.


"I love how Route is free for merchants and gives peace of mind to our customers during checkout."


—  Rebecca, Operations

How It Works

1. Merchant Installs

Merchant installs Route for Shopify or API - click here

2. Customer Pays

Customer includes Route during checkout process

3. Claim Filing

Route refunds customer or reorders from merchant in 24 hours


Deliveries Protected
With One-Click

The Route shipping insurance option simply sits on your checkout page, adding a layer of 3rd party trust to your site while improving your customer's shopping experience.


Route instantly protects your store, and your customers while covering losses, keeping more revenue in your pocket and your customers happy.




Convert Undecided Visitors Into Customers

Did you know that 70% of cart abandonment with new customers is due to lack of trust, and 41% of customers say they are more likely to purchase if the merchant offered shipping protection?

While we can't completely stop package thieves, we do provide one of the best insurance policies backed by the biggest shipping insurance company in the world, Lloyds of London. This results in an average of 22% increased site conversion for our merchants.


Turn Refunds 

Into Revenue

Typically more than half of all refunds are from lost, damaged, or stolen orders. Route instantly protects you and your customers from these losses keeping more revenue in your business.


We also provide your customers with a way to instantly rebuy the item, so not only do you not lose money on the refund, you sell the same item a second time.

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Thread Wallets

After 30 days of using Route

Conversion Increase:


"Route is literally free money, it cost me nothing to test out and increased my conversion. Why not try it out, there are no contracts and isn't an added cost for customers who don't want it."



-Colby Bauer, CEO

Data Speaks Louder

Than Words


Average Increase 

In Conversion


Reduction In



Reduction In

Customer Service

Backed by 330 years of experience in insurance


Route is backed by the world acclaimed Lloyds of London group, the oldest and largest shipping insurance company in the world. You can rest assured you are in good hands and claims are handled quickly, typically within 7 days.