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How It Works

Let's face it ... shipping insurance has been boring and unchanged in almost 30 years. 

Route's innovative approach to insurance uses technology to simplify the entire process.






Install App

If you are using Shopify you are able to install Route in one click. 


Route will go onto your cart page (or pop out if your store's theme supports it). You will be able to access all the information relating to insured orders from your dashboard

Available for


Select Route

As your site visitors are contemplating their purchase, they will see Route and have the ability to insure their order during the checkout process for around 1% of cart value.


Route helps build trust with customers that are on the fence about purchasing and is proven to increase site conversion by as much as 26%. 


One-Click Claims

Filing a claim is nearly instant with Route.

Customers receive an email confirming that they elected to protect their shipment. A simple click on the included "File Claim" link in the email prefills their order info and a claim is filed.


If their product never shows up, gets broken in transit, or is stolen from their porch, we cover it.


Customers can instantly connect their bank account for refunds through Stripe Payments - Route never stores banking information.

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