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Self-Install Route Widget on your Shopify Store

Create Test Store

Once you have installed Route app, click on ‘Online Store’ under the ‘SALES CHANNELS’ section in your Shopify store dashboard page. Once you click on ‘Online Store’, click into the ‘Themes’.  


At the top-right corner of the Themes page, you will see the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu. Click on ‘Duplicate’ in the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu to create a duplicate/copy of your store. Using this duplicated theme of your Shopify store will allow you to test the Route app before you go live with the app on your Shopify store.

After duplicating your store, you will see the duplicate copy of your Shopify store as ‘Copy of ___’ appear below, under the ‘More themes’ section.

Install Route Widget on Test Theme

On the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu of this duplicated store in the ‘More Themes’ section, click ‘Edit code’

Go to the theme file that has the code for your view cart page or cart drawer. The code that contains your cart page will usually be named ‘cart.liquid’ under Themes or Templates section or ‘cart-template.liquid’ under the Sections section. Review your checkout page and decide where where you want to place the Route widget on your cart page or cart drawer (e.i. Right above the checkout button or next to the checkout button).


Place this <div> in your file code

<div class="route-div"></div>

Example Below:

You can now preview your test theme by saving the theme by clicking on ‘Save’ in the top right corner, then clicking on ‘Preview’, which will take you to a preview of your site. Test the function of the app on your page by placing a product in your cart and review the cart. At this point, you should see the Route widget on your cart page.

Install On Live Theme

Once the Route widget is successfully installed on your test store or the duplicated store theme, rename the theme and select publish under the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu.

Your Route app widget is now live!

To view what customers will be seeing, go to your website and add a product to the cart. The Route widget should appear right above or around the check-out button. 

Please feel free to reach out to our tech support by clicking here or you can email us at